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Awesome Pet Care is proud to offer pet boarding services for people throughout the Ann Arbor area. We know that it's stressful on your pet when you travel, and that's why we offer quality boarding services to help your dog feel better. In addition to providing for their physical needs with a safe place to stay and regular meals, we also provide them with love and attention they need during this time.

Whether you cannot take your pet on the trip because it's for work or your pet is too big, or you just don't like traveling with your animals, you want a boarding facility that you can trust and feel great about. Offering overnight stays for dogs and cats of all sizes, we are passionate about making sure that your best friend receives the best care during his or her stay with us.

Dog Day Care

We offer quality doggy day care so that your pet is well pampered and taken care of while you are at work. When you drop off your pet with us to watch during the day you can rest assured that they will be loved and taken care of properly. Space for day care is limited, so give us a call today!

When you have to travel and cannot take your companion, trust his or her care to the dedicated team at Awesome Pet Care. Visit us today to learn more about the quality care we can provide your pet.

We offer: • Give dogs baths and nail trim when asked by customers
• Boarding is done within our home but space is limited
• We also keep to the same rules as our customers do in their own home. If they do or don't allow their dogs on the furniture the same will be implied at our house
• Plenty of walks are given through out the day and lots of play time
• There are times when the dogs need rest and naps away from each other this helps relieve stress and anxiety

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