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You know that dog walking is important for your pet, but you don't always have time to handle this chore yourself. That's why we are happy to take care of it for you. Our dog walkers enjoy taking dogs of all sizes out for a walk so they can smell the world, satisfy their need to explore and maintain their trim waistlines. There are many important benefits of taking your dog for a walk, and your best friend can benefit from all of them.

• Energy Release - Dogs love going for a walk. Just consider how excited your dogs gets when you pull a leash out of the closet. When they go for a walk , they also get to work off some energy that's been building up. Otherwise, then can become anxious and even lazy.
• The Need to Roam - Natural explorers, dogs love to roam the world and sniff. There's so much to see out there, and they appreciate every scent they pick up in the air. They've already sniffed every corner of your house and yard, but we can take them out for some new experiences.
• Better Behavior - The leash is a reminder of pack hierarchy levels and who is the ultimately in charge. As your dog goes on regular walks, she or he will learn how to walk on a leash. It reinforces your positions as a pack leader and you will see a steady improvement in behavior as a result.
• The Mental Workout - Have you ever walked into a kitchen were someone was cooking and starting trying to identify that scent? Dogs do that every time they head out the door for a walk. They pick up new scents and images, and exploring them stimulates their brain and helps keep them healthy.
• Socialization - A dog that is always confined to home or the yard can start to forget how to behave around other people or animals. When walking your dog will encounter other canines and people, and that makes this a great chance to work on important social skills.
• Bonding with other dogs - If you have more than one dog, walking them together helps them bond. They start feeling more like a pack and interaction between them will improve.

Invest in our dog sitting and walking services to keep your pet happy, healthy, and socialized. Whether you are trying to help your dog lose a few pounds or improve behavior problems, walking is a great solution. Call us today to make your appointment and enjoy some savings.

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