Dog Walking

Dog Walking | Awesome Pet Care

You know that dog walking is important for you pet, but you don't always have time to handle this chore yourself...

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Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting | Awesome Pet Care

Some dogs and cats watch their owners leave for work and are just fine home alone. They listen to the radio, look out the window, bark at neighborhood...

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Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding | Awesome Pet Care

Awesome Pet Care is proud to offer pet boarding services for people throughout the Ann Arbor area. We know that it's stressful on your pet when you travel...

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Welcome to Awesome Pet Care

There are countless kennels in the area that will feed your dog or cat and provide shelter when you are gone, but you want something more. Simply feeding your pet isn't enough. You want to know that your pet is loved, played with and appreciated. With Awesome Pet Care, you can trust your pet will enjoy regular play time and plenty of affection. Returning home to a pet that's been safe and cared for, you can also trust that your dog has been loved.

Offering pet sitting services to take care of your pet while you are at work, you can make sure that your pet and the personal items around your house are safe. With our services, you will return to a dog that is happy to see you rather then a house that has been torn up and a dog that looks miserable. We know that some dogs just cannot handle being alone for ten hours at a time and we are here to take care of them.

Whether you want regular waling service to keep your dog healthy or the occasional boarding service when you travel, call us to see how we can help you. Call us today to see how we can help.

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