Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting  | Awesome Pet Care - Ann Arbor, MI

Some dogs and cats watch their owners leave for work and are just fine home alone. They listen to the radio, look out the window, bark at the neighborhood squirrels and sleep on the couch. You return home to wagging tails, and felines twisting happily around your legs because you’ve been missed.

Other animals, however, do not handle the separation nearly as well. Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety and the time spent home is incredibly stressful to them. Chewing to relieve the anxiety, they can destroy your couch or your brand new shoes. Perhaps your dog has a tiny bladder and cannot wait ten hours to be left outside. Maybe your pet just looks so sad and lonely when you return after a long day that it breaks your heart.

The great benefit of choosing a daycare for your pet is that you will never again return home to destroyed property, a house-training disaster or the sad puppy eyes that say you’ve been gone too long. Your dog will still be thrilled to see you, but the stress and anxiety will no longer be part of the equation.

We offer reasonable prices, and we have extended hours to make dropping your dog off and picking him up again very easy. If you have a cat who cannot stay home due to a surgery or another condition, you can also trust us with your cat sitting needs. Our staff members are all animal lovers at heart, and they are looking forward to caring for your best friend when you are not available to do it yourself.